NGM 2024 presents the following themes, with suggestions for content. A general focus for all themes is obstacles and potential solutions. We are looking for a wide range of presentations and papers from all Nordic countries.


A Sustainable foundations

  • Energy, safety & environment
  • Recycling/reuse of material
  • Alternative materials, eg. binders
  • Costs for society
  • Social aspects


C Challenges in the future

  • Climate adaptation
  • Innovation
  • New methods and tools
  • Adaptation to future social development


B Digitalization/Visualization

  • Digital twins
  • Visualization 2D/3D
  • Programming and automatization
  • AI



D Construction in urban areas

  • Groundwater impact
  • Mass displacement
  • Vibrations and noise
  • Source of disturbance
  • Logistics


E Handbooks and guidance for the practicing geotechnical engineer

  • Needs? What is missing?
  • Differences between the Nordic countries
  • New version of Eurocode – from code to practice