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Bjerking AB har sedan 1943 utfört konsulttjänster inom hus, anläggning och installation och är ett medarbetarägt teknikkonsultbolag.
Inom våra tjänsteområden Projektledning - Byggnadsvård & Fastighetsutveckling - Installation - Konstruktion - Infrastruktur & Gestaltning - Miljö & Byggfysik - Geo- & Mätteknik - Life Science har vi idag ca 450 medarbetare.

Våra kontor finns i Uppsala, Stockholm och Luleå."

GDS Instruments designs, develops and manufactures advanced laboratory systems and software used for laboratory testing of soils in the world’s leading commercial and research laboratories. This technology is used to evaluate the mechanical properties that are key in geotechnical, offshore, transport, mine tailings, infrastructure and earthquake engineering design.


Since being founded in 1979, it is estimated that GDS products have been used to help achieve more than 2000 PhDs. GDS products have been used in many world-renowned commercial developments including the Three Gorges Dam in China, the Millau Viaduct in France, the Vasco da Gama Bridge in Portugal, Terminal Five at Heathrow and the Queen Elizabeth II line in London.  More recently, GDS equipment is the preferred choice for the majority of advanced laboratories involved with offshore wind projects.


GEN Monitoring specializes in advanced monitoring solutions for infrastructure projects, covering everything from geotechnical to structural health monitoring. We offer a comprehensive "Monitoring-as-a-Service" solution, managing the entire process from installation to data collection and analysis. Our goal is to ensure safety and support decision-making during construction activities and maintenance.

All our sensors are fully integrated into our proprietary cloud platform. Data is securely stored in the cloud and visualized in charts and tables tailored to each sensor type. For a better understanding of sensor locations, maps and orthophotos are available. Additionally, site events can be documented, and threshold limits can be set to trigger alarms via SMS or email. Customization of visualization and data analysis is available to meet specific project requirements.

With quality and innovation as our main focus, we strive to create value by minimizing risks and increasing productivity.

Groundforce Specialist Construction Solutions

Groundforce is the specialist for the rental of core shoring and hydraulic shoring systems. With over 60 years of experience in Europe, Groundforce offers tailor-made solutions to secure excavations of all types and sizes.

In addition to trench boxes, the range includes professional hydraulic braces and struts that enable individual excavation support solutions for a wide variety of excavation geometries. The Groundforce range is completed by a highly trained team of qualified engineers and technical sales staff.


The product Isobetong® is currently being used in many new areas around Sweden.

In the spring of 2016, the family-owned company Antopus Concrete Solutions AB signs an agreement with its German supplier, which has the market's greenest building product, that enables optimal use of raw materials, in this case the world's oldest building material – cement.

Isobetong® delivers the market's most climate-smart lightweight filling. The area of application ranges from road substructures to simple culvert fillings.

Isobetong® changes the rules of the game and creates conditions where it was previously not possible to reach. Isobetong® is based on additives from the award-winning German company USLPore Europe GmbH.

The biotechnologically produced lightweight filling/insulation is manufactured in mobile factories by adding cement, air and water. The increasing efficiency and environmental savings are revolutionary and a must for our future generations.

By using Isobetong®, an active choice is made in not burying any more plastic in the ground.

The low weight means less excavated material and reduced transport. No storage spaces are required to store any material.

One call, one delivery, one guaranteed result. Isobetong® is synonymous with a sustainable revolution.

With Isobetong®, opportunities open for streamlining and optimizing your project without compromising on quality, economy or the environment.

We can offer project-specific solutions anywhere in a construction project. The key is future oriented- clients, process control and a solution-oriented organization.

JMF is a small drilling company that can provides all types of drilling methods availble at the market today.

Our goal is to be able to solve our customs project by knowledge and a good range of drilling rigs.

Our background is geotechnical siteinvestigations and projectmanagement. Cooperation is the key to succeed as a small company in big projects and to manage a good result we need to have a good communication.

The application of Vibro replacement (stone columns) as a sustainable soil improvement technique in the Nordic countries, highlighting its potential to reduce CO2 emissions by 80-90% compared to traditional methods with case studies demonstrating significant environmental benefits and practical insights from ongoing research initiatives.

Keller Sweden

• Started in 1976 with LCM, then as Keller from 2000
• Until 2016 executed mostly lime-cement columns
• After 2016 large projects with successively more methods
• Nowadays a complete specialist company within foundations
• Offices in Gothenburg, Stockholm, Luleå

Leca is Europe's leading producer of expanded clay lightweight aggregate. It’s a simple lightweight fill with many innovative benefits – whether it is laying the foundation for construction, building roads and walls, or developing drainage solutions. We operate in 12 European countries, offering a product that is lightweight, strong, and durable, made from the natural resource clay. We have been around for a long time, so we know that our products work – and they last.

Through partnerships with engineers and contractors, we develop forward-thinking and sustainable solutions. We are continuously seeking new partnerships and business models that add value to Leca, our partners, and the environment.

NGI – The Norwegian Geotechnical Institute – is an independent research centre in the field of geotechnical engineering and the engineering geosciences. We use geotechnical knowledge and technology to develop smart and sustainable solutions for all kinds of project onshore and offshore. NGI Digital is a part of NGI and combines the best from tech and geo-environmental domains to enhance digital innovation internally at NGI and in the industry as a whole.

NGI Digital has developed Field Manager, a powerful data management system for ground investigations, which provides a comprehensive overview of ground conditions in all projects. The process of collecting data from field and lab is simplified through intuitive planning tools, collaboration between project stakeholders, immediate visualization, and quick and easy QA. The platform enables safe and secure data sharing and a data platform for improved efficiency and automation of work processes and deliverables.

Founded in 1993, SISGEO is the Italian foremost company specialized in the design and production of high-precision measuring instruments for civil and geotechnical engineering applications.

Thanks to its constant investments in R&D, SISGEO is able to provide a vast array of unique instrumentation within the sector.

Highlight of the company is the largest variety of reliable inclinometer products, developed to offer tailored solutions for every specific technical need.

In more than 80 countries, Sisgeo has successfully supplied equipment for complex monitoring systems on different applications such as tunnels, railways, dams, mines, bridges, landslides, pipelines, buildings and Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) programs.

Stabtech - a specialist company in expansion grouting

Stabtech is a contracting company that specializes in sealing- and foundation reinforcement work using a method called expansion grouting.

We have a high level of knowledge in waterproofing sheetplies, settlement damage and repair, geotechnics and foundation constructions.

Sweco is Europe’s leading architecture and engineering consultancy. Sweco has always gathered various experts to solve the major societal challenges of our time – a task that is more relevant, challenging and inspiring than ever before.

Together with our clients and the collective knowledge of our 22 000 architects, engineers and other experts, we combine local expertise with international strength and co-create solutions that address urbanisation, capture the power of digitalisation and make our future society more sustainable.

Sweco is the biggest geotechnical consultancy in the Nordics.The departments in Sweco have, in addition to the engineers and experts, a modern fleet of different kinds of riggs that are used in a large diversity of project and conditions. They provide the most valuable data to our engineers to form resilient and sustainable foundations for all kind of infrastructure, power lines and buildings.