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Welcome to Göteborg

An open and near city with an active living culturescene, worldclass restaurangs, sustainable experiences and a fascinating history - all within your reach.
The adventure is never far away with deep forests and the magical archipelago

just waiting to be discorvered.

The Lindholmen area, where this meeting is held, is built as diligently as the rest of central Göteborg. For example, the new skyscraper Karlatornet reaches 266 meters high into the sky.

But Lindholmen is not just modern buildings. Take a walk up to the hill behind Backa Teatre and discover the old wooden house quarters around the oldest cinema in Göteborg - Aftonstjärnan (the evening Star) that opened in 1915 and is still active.

This district of Göteborg has a rich shipyard history and Lindholmen was the largest workplace in the 1890, with about 1400 employees. The

shipyard workers built their own houses up on Slottsberget between 1850-1900, beteen Lindholmen and Sannegården, and there they are still today. The best veiw over Slottsberget's old buildings can be seen from the ferry, that passes on the river below, or from the footbridge over Sannegården's harbour basin.


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