Theme A susainable foundations  / Correponding author  / Country

A review of state of the art on erosion-driven quick clay landslides / Ankit Tyagi / Norway
Cementstabilization of peatmaterial in road construction / Kristoffer Lauridsen / Denmark
Coefficient of variation for strength and deformation properties of clay / Göran Sällfors / Sweden
Design of 15 meter high railway embankement on loose silt and clay / Ibrahim Rashid / Sweden
Evaluation of solidification/stabilization technology performance by combining economic and   environmental impacts assessment for the port in Sweden / Elham Tamadonyazdian / Sweden
Large-scale soil bio-cementation: insights into homogeneity, quality control, and waste handling / Merih Büyüklü / Swittzerland
Numerical study of the thermal  performance of energy micropiles in  Nordic region / Yozy Kepdib, Melissa Fabiaola / Norway
Resilient modulus of pavement material from organic matter enriched pumice / Natasa Katic / Denmark
Settlement analysis of embankment using foamed glass aggregate over a soft clay / Vinay Kumar M / Sweden
Stabilization of sulfide-rich sediments with industrial side streams / Thomas Kronberg / Finland
Strength Development and Shearing Behavior of Cement Stabilized Gyttja / Daniel Fernandez Holdt-Olesen / Denmark
Strength reduction factors on lime-cement treated ribs due to random spatial variability and construction deviation / Yutao Pan / Norway

Unsaturated behavior of stabilized clay: assessment of low-carbon binders in a field study / Anoosheh Iravanian / Finland

Use of Leca-lightweight Aggregates in Railway StructuresYing-Ching Lin / Finland

Using wood-based by-products for improvement of quick clays / Priscilla Paniagua / Norway

Utilizing crushed concrete aggregate in the construction of roads and streets in accordance with finnish new guidelines and regulation / Suvi Ollikainen / Finland

Where and how to execute sustainable soil improvement utilizing vibro replacement (stone columns) in the nordics / Nejla Yildiz-Helvacioglu / Sweden

Theme B Digitalization/Visualisation  / Correponding author  / Country

Bridging geophysical and geotechnical results: an automated cad visualization method for 2d data / Omid Ahmadi / Sweden

Digital geotechnical information management for lifecycle resource savings / Mats Svensson / Sweden

Early-phase modelling of lime-cement columns to reduce Carbon footprint / Nikolaj Børner Hansen / Norway

On the benefits of visual programming in geotechnical planning practice / Johannes Beck / Germany

Physics-informed neural networks with curriculum training for poroelastic flow and deformation processes / Yared W. Bekele / Norway

Pile Capacity Prediction based on Machine Learning using Support Vector Regression / Jakob T. Undengaard / Denmark

Theme C Challenges in the future / Correponding author / Country

A novel technology for determining strength and reduce climate-gas emissions in deep soil mixed piles / Tonje Eide Helle / Norway

A survey study of the engineering practice of piezocone devices with regards to saturation conditions / Irene Rocchi /Denmark

Alternative ways of modelling stabilised excavations / Sinem Bozkurt / Sweden

Bored Piles in Copenhagen Limestone / Kirsten Malte Iversen /Denmark

Bringing tech into geotechnics / Kristin Paulsen / Norway

CC-test, clay cutting test / Peter Hedborg / Sweden

Challenges in determining ground conditions for the design of water reservoir dams in the Aitik mine /Thomas Larsson / Sweden

Concept on soil plugging in clay developed from numerical CEL-simulations considering total stresses /Philipp Wiesenthal / Germany

Data Assimilation in a Hydrological Landslide Model with Ensemble Kalman Filter / Amirahmad Vakilinezhad / Norway

Design methods for short slender steel piles in clay / Jonas Stener & David Ebenhardt / Sweden

Drained failures, stress dependency and plain strain effects / Niels Mortensen / Denmark

Effect of loading rate on the undrained limiting pressure of deeply-embedded pile / Yuepeng Dong / Denmark

Fenics simulation of atresian conditions in clay slope / Kseniia Muratova / Sweden

Generalisation of effective heave pressure considering the effect of small-strain stiffness / Johannes Tornborg / Sweden

Investigating swelling across scales / Irene Rocchi / Denmark

L-Shaped Gravity Walls. Recommended Practice for ULS / Niels Mortensen / Denmark

Methodology for sample preparation for quality control of stabilized dredged sediment / Mohammadhossein Gholampoor / Sweden

On the liquid limit of sensitive clay / Dorsa Saaedifar / Sweden

Optimation of ground investigations with the value of information analysis / Ivan Depina / Norway

Peat - strength and stability of existing railway embankments / Bo Vesterberg / Sweden
Railway Actions on Embankments and Retaining Walls – Compatibility Between Load Models / Michael Rosenlund Lodahl / Denmark

Soil Behaviour Type Classification For Total Soundings / Sigurdur Mar Valsson / Norway

Spatial variability in Lime-cement mixed clay at multiple length scales / Vijayshree Sadasivan / Sweden

Tangenvika jernbanebru, test piling of large diameter end bearing piles / Ingunn Veimo / Norway

The tiller-flotten peat site: a natural peat soil deposit aimed for geotesting / Priscilla Paniagua / Norway

Toward sustainable liquefaction mitigation: Modeling the cyclic mechanical response of biocemented soils / Ziad N. Sahlab / Switzerland

Theme D Construction in Urban Areas/ Correponding author / Country

A simple method for predicting cohesive pile deformations from displacement pile installation induced ground movement /Jonatan Isaksson /Sweden

Analyses of performed CPT tests on site with respect to the new standard /Caesar Kardan /Sweden

Aros – the next level, 3d modelling of swelling anchors / Britta Søndergaard Heilmann / Denmark

Complexity of large infrastructure  projects - discussion of geotechnical  challenges and risk trajectory to  extrem cost overruns / Kenneth Viking / Sweden

Excavations in soft soils: review of design approaches / Gregor Portmann / Switzerland

Field vane test with new standard / Panu Tolla / Finland

Generation of excess pore pressures from DTH drilled piles / Maedeh Alinejad / Sweden

Implementation of a new thermo-viscoplastic soil model using fenics platform / X. Cheng / Sweden

Modelling the permeability of a jet-grouted cut-off wall / Anders Lundberg/ Sweden

Monitoring requirements for large scale excavations in Gothenburg / Matthias Ziegert / Sweden

New Finnish national guideline: sampling for geotechnical investigation / Monica S. Löfman / Finland

Numerical analysis of soil nail walls combined with prestressed anchors / Samuel Dietrich / Switzerland

Numerical modelling of biocementation upscaling experiment: insights from varied injection strategies / Sofie ten Bosch / Switzerland

Piled foundation for the container terminal at ydre nordhavn / Jakub Kania / Denmark

Secant pile wall for constructing the new metro station Sofia in Stockholm / Mikael Creütz / Sweden

Surcharged embankments ofer peat in north-west Irland: Primary consolidation behaviour / Bryan McCabe / Irland

Theme E Handbooks and guidance/ Correponding author / Country

Assessing Undrained Shear Strength in Danish Marine Gyttja: Insights from Field Vane Tests and Plate Load Tests / Emil Søe Brandt / Denmark

Byggegropveiledningen - a tool for planning building pits / Gunvor Baardvik / Norway

Correlating qnet to eoed of paleogene clays of very high plasicity / Nik Okkels /Denmark

Evaluation of design methods for axial capacity of driven piles in sand / Fredrik Kolsgaard /Norway
EUROCODE 7 a framework for the geotechnical engineer / G. Franzén, B. Hansson, J. Spross / Sweden

Foundation in organic diatomite / Jan Dannemand Andersen / Denmark

Implication of 3d slope stability analyses for sensitive clay slopes / Samson Abate Degago / Norway

Measuring strength increase of remoulded sensitive clay from the Gjerdrum landslide, Norway / Laura A. Rødvand / Norway
Nordic Cooperation gives results / G. Franzén , A. Eggen , O. Möller , P. Tolla and D. Rósenkrans Hauksson / The nordic countries

On the influence of system stiffness for numerical design approaches / Hauke Jürgens / Germany

Stability of natural slopes -  robustness and safety / Gustav Grimstad /Norway

Three-dimensional effects in temporary excavations in soft clay / Torbjörn Edstam /Sweden